This is a set of 100×70 black-and-white pictures.
In them I combine body with palm-prints.
Palm is one of the most dynamic parts of our body.
It is a flitting form which easily interacts with
the environment. We use it frequently as an explorer
to penetrate illegible space – in this place it meets
functionally with the domain of sight, which is
the orientation in the visual space.

I take pictures of friends, choosing the most vital
for them elements of their body and then I develop
them with my hands. By means of combining the images
with the pattern of my palm-prints, I magically
inscribe their presence in the map of my fate.

These pictures are a kind of simulation of
the experience of the physical presence of another
person. They are artificial meetings which, in turn,
are the phenomena happening between a man and a man.

Poland, 2000

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