Teddy bears, pin wheels, small cars. A tank shooting at a plaster cupid. A bit further a rubber dog guarding the cross. And up above soft plush sun hangs on a branch. More and more faded and roughed up but still smiling.

In Dublin I was looking for a place with which I could enter into a dialogue. I meant something concrete, tangible, real. I didn’t search for metaphysics.

I found a children’s cemetery.

Enchanting my eyes with riches of colours, structures, variety of materials. Step by step I discovered its succeeding wonderful treasures – plush flowers, plastic cows on a stick, shreds of foil, remains of the paper wrappings.
The whole area of the cemetery resembled a large sandbox where among sandcastles of graves colourful pin-wheels were turning around and abandoned teddy bears still beamed with their muddy muzzles.
In the older part of the cemetery all these colourful items slowly were losing their original functions – chunks of gravestones, broken vases and toys; all mixed together creating even more amazing compositions. Although they were abandoned long time ago they kept on living their lifes – they moved, changed their colour and structure.

I visited this place many times. Meanwhile here and there a fresh sandcastle showed up. And the toys were growing in number.

This set of photographs is my observation of a religious question which is mortality-immortality and how we deal with it nowadays, how we express our need of contact with dead people especialy when they are our children.

All photos were taken in the year 2005 in Dublin, Ireland.
Digital print on board in various sizes ( from15x15cm up to 100×100 cm ).

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