Tomorrow I will set off on a  ‘journey’ across people and their flats. I will begin with visiting my neighbour (I will photograph her in her own flat) and then she will recommend me to her friends.
I will continue.

In my ‘journey’ and in meeting new people, I will have little influence on where I will be going to. It will be a matter of coincidence, in a form of a labyrinth. I will be actually pushed further by the people and the new places. I will ask each person to write a short note from a given day.

I have been ‘traveling’ for some time now and it is the actual state of being ‘on the road’ to me. People guide me in my journey. Everybody describes their day to me. These are stories where nothing crucial happens. I take delight in this unforced naturalness.

My Project is also a kind of utopia – an attempt to describe a particular period of time in the possibly most detailed way. The beginning and the end of the month. Such daily descriptions create a composition where nothing can be added or taken away.


It’s a series of 31 black and white photographs (each in 46×46 cm format) with handwritten descriptions (each description written by the person in the photograph).

All the photographs taken between 1 – 31 January, 2003.

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