Who am I? I’m a man. What does it mean? What does a term “man” determine? I try to look at a group of people who call themselves men. While taking photographs, I try to reach a unique state of a clear mind and stay in a non-sexual relationship to a photographed subject, even if that seems utopian.

I honestly don’t know what it means to be a man and it is a real exploration of the topic for me. I abandon my masculinity in order to present it. I find some answer to my question and get closer to the truth. Men have never been the same. They have always been sdifferent. The variety of masculinities nowadays is more complex than anytime before. There is a stereotype of a tough guy with big mussels and high testosterone level. At the same time I can observe in Poland rapid growth of homosexual environment. Between those two visions of men, there is a whole range of alternations that I am trying to show.

I photograph authentic people while trying to avoid posing. My photographs are minimalistic, technically very realistic. I do not intend to put the people in any special kind of mood or emotion, but rather capture them as they are.

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