Every day there is a moment that we are in the street. There are always lots of people there who are hurrying somewhere.
We almost touch them, but who they are? We don’t know. We have become accustomed to this. I know neither them nor their thoughts but why not try ”meeting” them in order to learn something about them? So, I walk in the streets for hours. From time to time I talk to some people that I accidentally meet. After a small talk, I take out a camera and take a picture of them. But this is not the end. After a couple of days I look them up. I give them one of the pictures I take with me. On the other one, I ask them to write down their dreams and wishes.

The Collection of Dreams is a project based on the primary documenting function of photography. My role as a photographer is restricted to being a mediator.

All 45 pictures were taken in the city of Sopot (Poland), in 2001, during the celebration of the city’s hundreth anniversary of being granted the town status.

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